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Keyz Overview

K2thaL Overview

Keyz 2 tha Lexis (K2thaL) utilizes music, dance, lyricism, and theater as multimodal tools to teach Preschool through 8th grade students the full array of principles and theories related to linguistics (the science of language). In the K2thaL system, students sing, dance, rap, and act their way to language proficiency and linguistic mastery. In addition, each of the theories of linguistics, from phonology to pragmatics, has different character instructors uniquely designed to teach each theory. These entertainment elements along with imaginative play engage all four styles of learning: audio, visual, tactile, and kinesthetic. In terms of success, K2thaL has been implemented in early learning centers, elementary, and after school programs across metro-Atlanta serving over 600 Pre-K to eighth grade students. Many of the K2thaL youth have gone on to earn a number of academic accolades such as principal's list, honor roll, nominations and inductions into gifted programs, and literacy awards at proficiency levels that surpass the curricular standards.

Linguistics Theories Covered

K2thaL covers all six major linguistic theories: Graphology (science of letters), Phonology (science of letter sounds), Morphology (science of meaning in word segments), Semantics (science of general meaning), Syntax (science of word groupings, and Pragmatics (science of language use with regards to audience); plus advanced vocabulary (SAT/GRE level)

Meaning behind the Keyz

Simplest Answer

Lexis from the Greek meaning Word or Speech

Keyz 2 tha Lexis means Keys to the Word


Deepest Answer


- Provides access

- Vitally importance element

- Pattern and Harmony


- Prevalence of duality language


- Stylistic use of spelling reflecting community language use



Keyz 2 tha Lexis provides access to the vitally important elements of language such as pattern and duality through harmonizing language content with innovative learning that reflects stylistic agency and community language.

K2thaL unlocks the Word.


all encompassing conceptual model 

          Pillars of  3       's 

Integration of various linguistic disciplines from

phonology and pragmatics


Innovation of various teaching tools using rhythm through

music, dance, lyricism, and theater


Illustration of all linguistic elements into an

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