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the Founder
Benjamin R. moore III, Ph.D.


Dr. Benjamin R. Moore III, an Atlanta native, is the Founder of the Keyz 2 tha LexisTM, K2thaL, a language-focused learning program centered on the principles of Linguistics. In 2001, he graduated with honors from Pebblebrook H.S. choosing the Georgia State University presidential scholarship over many offers from other universities.

In the Fall 2014, he graduated from GSU with his Bachelor's degree and in the Spring of 2015, he was offered admission into the Master's program in Applied Linguistics at GSU starting in the summer. In addition, he obtained contracts at several early learning centers across metro Atlanta and was able to run Keyz 2 tha Lexis full-time as a financially independent entrepreneur.

Things were looking amazingly bright both professionally and academically for Benjamin;

however, at the end of that summer semester, a tragic accident claimed the life of his daughter, Leilani. Devastated, Benjamin took a year off from K2thaL and teaching as a whole, toughed through the next few semesters and was still able to graduate on time in the Fall of 2016.

During his final semester obtaining his Master's, Fall of 2016,

Benjamin was accepted into the Teaching and Learning Ph.D.

program with a concentration in Language and Literacy,

beginning in the Spring of 2017 where Keyz 2 tha the Lexis,

as a pedagogical methodology, would serve as the basis for

his doctoral research. Over the semesters that would follow,

he was offered assistantships with the Urban Literacy

Collaborative and Clinic under the guidance of Dr. Gholnecsar

Muhammad and with the Center for Transnational and 

Multilingual Education under the guidance of Drs. Sue Kasun,

Catherine Amanti, and Laura May. In the Fall of 2018,

he was offered a research and teaching assistantship with

Dr. Geoffrey Graybeal in the Entrepreneurship and

Innovation Institute (ENI) in Robinson College of Business at

GSU. Additionally, he was honored by ENI and interviewed as

spotlight student founder where they wrote an amazing article about his journey as an entrepreneur developing K2thaL. In May of 2021, he completed his Ph.D. program, and

currently, Dr. Moore is devoting all of his professional and academic acumen to

serving his community and pursuing the monumentality propitious success of

K2thaL through his unique brand of teaching and learning strategies.

A Word from the Founder


"At Keyz 2 tha Lexis, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of innovative teaching strategies. We believe that by enhancing traditional principles, K2thaL can increase the opportunity of each student's scholastic success. Our methods are diverse as we utilize a wide range of skills and expertise. Our goal is to elevate each student to the zenith of their potential and beyond. We achieve this by not only teaching advanced material, but also by making learning engaging and entertaining. When a student enjoys learning, they will retain the knowledge and be eager to learn more and share their new understanding. Who says learning can't be fun? Not us! We make sure that it is! That's the KEY to our success."

Tribute to ... Leilani Moriah Moore 

Leilani (Heavenly Child) Moriah (Taught by God) Moore was the first student of the K2thaL system. Her life was the impetus for Benjamin to become the best version of himself. She will forever be missed, forever encourage, and forever inspire...

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